Expanded Ultimate Kit – Best Seller for Dual Axle vans


Expanded Ultimate Kit – Best Seller for Dual Axle vans


Everything you could need to safely and easily level your dual axle van.

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The Expanded Ultimate Kit gives caravan and trailer owners everything they need to safely and easily level their vehicle. Our Expanded Ultimate Kit comes with all the products listed below with the option of a jockey wheel dock or a jack pad.  You tell us what you need!

OziBlock n Chock Leveller Block Set x 2


Customize your levels by stacking interlocking blocks to your desired height in a pyramid layout.  These strong and durable blocks come in a ten pack block set and convenient storage bag.  To be used with the OziBlock n Chock Leveller Chock (supplied in kit) for a safe and easy way to level your caravan or trailer. 220mm x 220mm x 25mm https://oziblocknchock.com.au/ozi-blocks/

OziBlock n Chock Block Chock x 2

block chocks

These chocks can be used with the OziBlock n Chock Leveller Blocks.  When you have connected the block chock you will eliminate dangerous wheel movements.  Exclusive for use with OziBlock n Chock Leveller Blocks.  Set of 2 https://oziblocknchock.com.au/more-block-accessories/

OziBlock n Chock Block Cap

Give your OziBlock n Chock Block a full, flat surface with these levelling block caps.  Caps can be used to link two blocks together for a secure, low-level platform. 4 pack https://oziblocknchock.com.au/more-block-accessories/

OziBlock n Chock Leg Pads

leg pads

The heavy-duty high-quality design helps prevent your stabiliser legs for sinking into soft ground.  Interlocking design for easy storage.  Built-in handle for ease of use.  Add water or talc to stop ants. Set of 4.  Measures 160mm x 225mm x 20mm http://www.oziblocknchock.com.au/leg-pads

OziBlock n Chock Wheel Chock

wheel chocks

An essential item to stop unwanted caravan/trailer movement and keep your vehicle from rolling away is our sturdy OziBlock n Chock Wheel Chocks. They keep your trailer in place so you can re-hitch easily. Made of durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors. Set of 2 https://oziblocknchock.com.au/wheel-chock/

OziBlock n Chock Jockey Dock

jockey dock

You can stop sideways moving and sinking by stabilising your jockey wheel.  Keeps your jockey wheel clean and is made durable and of high quality. https://oziblocknchock.com.au/jockey-dock/


OziBlock n Chock Jack Pad

jack pad

Don’t have a jockey wheel.  Well, that’s ok we have you covered.  Just like the leg pads, our jack pad can help with ant but best of all stop the jack from sinking into soft ground. https://oziblocknchock.com.au/jack-pad/

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