Motorhome Kit for Motor Homes, Campers and Roof Top Tents


Perfect motorhome home or roof top camper kit.

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Great for supporting the ladder and helping to level it?

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Motorhome, Campers and Roof Top Tent levelling could not be any easier with this kit. Because you have 3 wheels that must be raised to bring each corner of the RV up to level.  This is impossible with ramps as they cannot be raised at different heights for each wheel. With the OziBlocknChock Double Block kit, you have enough blocks to raise all 3 corners of your RV to level.

OziBlock n Chock Leveller Block Set x 2 Customize your levels by stacking interlocking blocks to your desired height.  You get 2 packs of these strong and durable blocks.  Each pack contains ten blocks and a convenient storage bag.  To be used with the OziBlock n Chock Leveller Chock (supplied in kit) for a safe and easy way to level your caravan or trailer. 220mm x 220mm x 25mm.

OziBlock n Chock Leveller Chock – To be used with the OziBlock n Chock Leveller Block set. Makes stabilising and centring wheels easier; connect the OziBlock n Chock Leveller block to level and chock simultaneously.  This helps eliminate dangerous wheel movements.  Exclusive for use with OziBlock n Chock Leveller Blocks.  Set of 2

OziBlock n Chock Block Cap – Give your OziBlock n Chock Block a full, flat surface with these levelling block caps.  Caps can be used to link two blocks together for a secure, low-level platform. 4 pack

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Dimensions 47 × 47 × 29 cm


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