Motor Homes, Roof Top Tents and Camper Vans

Motor home and camper van users have a unique levelling issue that caravan and camper trailer owners dont have.

Because you have to level front and back not wheels in the centre it is harder to get a motor home level.

OziBlocks are designed so that you can have different heights on each wheel.  This is important as motor home owners will know that you may have to lift the front higher (for example) than the rear.

Because you can stack OziBlocks to whatever height you need and drive up and over, this allows you to have different heights on each wheel.

If you use a roof top tent be sure to pickup so leg pads in our store at checkout. These are great under you ladder to stop it sinking and help to get it level.

Our motor home kit comes with:

  • 2 x 10 Packs OziBlock
  • 2 x Block Chocks
  • 4 x Caps
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Want to use your phone to level your motor home from the comfort of your vehicle.  Check out. Savvy Level and see just how well our block system will work with this great device.

motor home kit

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