About Us

Australian Owned and Operated

We are the first to provide Australian Caravan, motorhome and trailer owners with an alternative to the existing levelling ramps on the market. We offer a complete Block system for safely levelling your van. Love blocks…this is for your van!

We are located on the Central Coast NSW. However, we offer to ship our products nationwide.  We offer a quick freight delivery system to ensure you get your product quickly.  

Why OziBlock n Chock?

We were recently new to caravanning and loved it. We quickly found that the woodblocks most people use are unsafe and take up way too much room. They were heavy and got very waterlogged on our first trip. Also, when they were stacked they slipped on each other.  The last thing we wanted in our new van was wet heavy logs of wood. Also, did you know that wood can crack after extended time in the sun?  So we did what so many others do, we spent $80 on a set of plastic levelling ramps (the ones that the auto shops sell).

Then we had a caravaning misadventure! 

When we arrived at our campsite we found the ground to be a bit sandy and very bumpy. It could not be avoided as the whole park was that way. So we put down the levelling ramps and proceeded to drive the van up and onto them. We only needed to go about halfway up. About 50mm. The handbrake on the van was put on and we chocked the other side.  The jockey dock got wound down into one of those rubber jockey wheel holders and then we proceeded to disconnect from the car. Guess what…….the van slipped off the side of the ramp due to the uneven ground.  Lucky the safety chain was still attached to the car.  

The jockey wheel had rolled out of its dock as it split and sunk into the ground as the wheel just slid back down the levelling ramp and off to the side.  The chocks worked great on the other side so the caravan went sliding down in a sideways motion. 

jockey wheel and levelling ramps
Jockey dock feel apart after being the the sun and the wheel just rolled out

“How could that happen” you might say.

We only needed to raise the van about 50mm therefore it was only halfway up the ramp.  The surface area the wheel sits on was not sufficient, the ramp and wheels were wet and to raise the caravan of the car which was higher we had to raise it up before lowering it and therefore it just slid back down the ramp.  The rubber jockey dock sunk into the soft ground and the jockey wheel rolled clean out of it.    Scary stuff!

We started looking long and hard for another option.  So we looked at other types of ramps, looked at making ramps or blocks from timber even knowing how heavy and bulky they can be.  We knew we needed something that was light, easy to use, and did not take up as much room as the bulky ramps.

We came up with the Interlocking Block System with Block Chocks for extra safety and stability. A cap was then added to protect your tyres that sat on the blocks for long periods of time. The Cap also tied two Blocks together when only raising the van 25mm.

The Jockey dock was added to our products to ensure the jockey wheel was also locked into place and did not sink into soft ground

The legs pads were a great addition as I have seen a vans stabiliser legs just sink into soft ground bending it out of shape.  

So we developed our whole product line with safety, affordability, durability, in mind. 

Do you want OziBlock n Chock too?

We sell all the items as a kit to ensure you get everything you need for the safe stability of your van. Available in Blue they are easy to see so you don’t leave them behind when leaving the site.