Basic Kit – Starter Pack


Oziblocknchock has kits to suit all sorts of camping setups.  It does not matter if you have a caravan, camper trailer, rooftop camper, pop-up tent trailer, or motorhome.  Oziblocknchock has a solution for you.

How Oziblocknchock idea came about

Oziblocknchock was created after a near miss when our van rolled off its ramps and down toward a river.  The handbrake did not hold and was ineffective in keeping the van still.  It did not make sense to have our van up on an incline where it could roll and the ramp it was on broke which left us with little confidence we could be safely level using one.

Why we say NO to ramps

Most people have heard of or used ramps to level their RV.  Ok so they work, most of the time, however, they are not the safe way to level and you should not settle for second best when it comes to your safety and that of your van also.  Image pulling your van up onto a ramp and pulling on the handbrake and having the wheel sit on a surface area no wider than your thumb.  There is a lot of weight on such a small area, this is why they break.  You also have put your van up on a hill.  If the handbrake was to release the van would clearly roll, damaging your stabiliser legs and everything it hits in its path.

OziBlocknChock Levelling Kits

So keeping the idea of building blocks in mind, Oziblocknchock came up with a block solution for levelling vans and trailers.  All these recreational vehicles have different requirements therefore kits were created to suit the needs of the users.

The Basic Kit

We started with a basic kit.  This kit gives all the items needed to safely level any single axle up to 4 blocks in height.  This gives you around 4.5 inches of height which is higher than most ramps. A basic kit works fine on a dual axle van also. the 10 blocks can be spread to make two stacks of 5 blocks each giving you 2.5″ in height.

The blocks used are strong and durable, lightweight and UV rated.  They have a solid bottom to stop sink and interlocking tops to lock blocks, caps and chocks too so they don’t slip or move.

Expanded Ultimate Kit

Many sites in Australia are not level, and there are many van owners with Dual axles.  The issue with dual axle vans is that most of the time you cannot get any ramps to fit between the tires.  The blocks from oziblocknchock stack so they can be driven over. You do not have to fight to get a ramp between your tires.  The block chocks clip-on after you are up and level. This way both wheels are locked into place.  Dual axles may also need more blocks so they can get the 4.5″ on both wheels.  This is why we created the expanded ultimate kit.  This kit has 20 blocks plus all the accessories.  Everything you need to safely level your van.

Motorhome and Roof Top Camper Kit

We also offer a motorhome kit and roof top camper kit.  This kit is the basic kit with extra blocks at a discount.  It is great for motorhomes, rooftop camper trailers, and dual axle van owners who do not need any other levelling products.

All kits come with a 12-month warranty.

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