SavvyLevel – intelligent, quick, precise levelling (REAL quality) for all caravans, campers, motor homes and 4WD’s. – the end of the partner fuelled spirit levelling nightmare! SavvyLevel PLUS also reports the battery charge remotely – whilst you are sitting in the car! 

The 6cm by 6cm Hardware Device


 The small (6 by 6cm) SavvyLevel device is fitted into your caravan or other RV; you can then remotely monitor and set your level using an app (on your smart phone or tablet) wirelessly (no phone network required) 

The SavvyLevel App


The SavvyLevel FREE app for

your SMART phone or tablet, this is with you in the drivers seat when levelling.

The External Mount Kit


The SavvyLevel external mount kit 

for superior Bluetooth connection to the driver in the car.



The SavvyLevel Hardware Device

Savvylevel: the integrated inclination system comprises:

A hardware device mounted in a vehicle or van, AND

A SMART phone or tablet application

An optional external [IP68] mount solution 

(enhanced ASA polymer, Luran® S 778 T)

The SavvyLevel app & the SavvyLevel unit communicates seamlessly to show diagrammatically the level of your RV in mm, inches or degrees from the comfort of the tow vehicle [car].


SavvyLevel saves into memory your individual level & allows the user to maintain their level every time thereafter.

The pitch & tilt information is provided to the user in a user friendly visual & numerical display. Included in that display is a voltage meter display, night & day mode & a zoom feature (x10) allowing for extraordinary clarity when precision levelling.

Each SavvyLevel unit is individually thermally calibrated to maintain its precision & accuracy over the entire temperature operating range of -40 to +65 degrees Celsius.


 The SavvyLevel device is a precision instrument ruggedly designed & tested. This means it is not simply a disposable, throw away gadget. Savvylevel will reliably and quietly support your activities throughout the life of the technology like a trustworthy friend. It will work unassumingly in the background. For this reason, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our user manuals and support systems are the finest available. 

Apple® and AndroidTM Ready!

SavvyLevel is for use with Apple® and AndroidTM smart phone/tablets. It is extremely easy to use & boasts an amazing precision down to within 0.1 degree over the entire operating temperature range. A voltage input supply of 7 – 30 Volts without a scrap of energy wastage – 98% energy efficient.

SavvyLevel also has an optional handy voltage indicator to show the RV battery charge at any time.

SavvyLevel can be used for 4WD owners, caravan enthusiasts, camper trailers & motor homes to level with ease. Your favorite level can be set – SavvyLevel remembers this for all future levels. Try it TODAY!

The SavvyLevel App is free to download on Google Play or iTunes.