Why do I need to chock my van?

To chock or not to chock

We know you have a handbrake so why should you chock your van?

Recently I was talking a customer about this exact topic. I was being questioned by them when another customer interjected.

His experience was:

His caravan was parked out the front of his house on a slight incline. A passer by thought it could be funny to release the handbrake and see what happens. His van rolled forward and was only stopped by a car parked infront.

This customer has brought our Basic Kit and because the large wheel chocks lock into place he does not worry anymore about his happening again to his now NEW caravan.

I have also heard a story a little while back about a lady that was travelling on her own in her small poptop caravan. She pulled up to site and pulled on the handbrake. The cable snapped. She was able to find some rocks to put around her wheels to stop the van from moving but did not have the peace of mind that it will stay put.

Remember, chocking your van ensures it will not roll but also stops a lot of movement within your van. Chocked wheels do not move! And a level van is essential for the safety and functionality of your van. The Basic kit is a block system created by Ozi Block N Chock is the safest way to level and chock your van.