The OziBlock Jockey Dock

This is our most popular selling item… our jockey wheel dock. Everytime we do a show we hear all the great comments about this great product. Many of you have probably used the rubber docks and also pieces of timber and maybe even with success. However rubber falls apart in the sun and timber is heavy and cracks over time. Imagine an option that gives you the peace of mind that your jockey wheel will not roll plus it will not sink into soft ground.

When the jockey wheel is constantly on the ground or wet the rubber will breakdown and destroy the wheel. When it sinks into the ground the bearings get ruined and again back to replacing the jockey wheel. A cheaper option is to put it in one of our jockey docks. Large base stops sinking, uv resistant material, drain hole to stop pooling of water around your wheel.

Best jockey dock on the market. Can be used on your caravan jockey wheel and even any trailer jockey wheel with peace of mind. Check out our website, see us at a show or visit one of our suppliers to see just how great this product is.

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