Question: Ants and my caravan

leg pads

One of our most popular products are our Ozi Leg Pads. Used under the stabiliser leg pads, this uniquely designed accessory is essential for reducing sink but also to keep ants at bay. We promote the fact that when put under your caravan/camper trailer legs you can fill with talc, ant sand or water to keep the ants away. One of the most common questions is: What stops the ants going up your wheels then? Well did you know that ants cannot walk or do not like to walk on rubber? Therefore the only part of the van that touches the van that is not rubber are your legs. So what do you do about your hydraulic trailer jack plate. Ants can walk up that way….well check out our Jack pad. Is also designed to add water etc to keep the ants out! It should be noted that leg pads and jack pad do not help ants falling from trees etc. Only the ones that walk along the ground!